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Our Craft

Our Identity

Bois Nouveau is a consortium of independent skilled artisans with varied specialties. In the area of textiles and soft furnishings, our crafters cover a range of skills including, but not limited to, curtains, drapes, furniture upholstery, working with leathers and hides, as well as clothing alteration.


On the woodworking side, our artisans take on the full range of home and commercial woodworking projects. We also partner with industry professionals and individuals to design pieces for fit in any home, public, or commercial space.


We relish the opportunity to understand you as a person and how  you or your groups character can be made manifest through the furnishings we produce. 

Our Philosophy

Bois Nouveau (pronounced bwah noo-voh) is French for "new wood" and is our way of paying homage to Art Nouveau, an aesthetic seeking to transcend the constraints and inefficiencies of proceeding forms by returning an artistic naturalism to the art form.

For us, Bois Nouveau means bringing new creative life to the craft centered on organic creation, appreciation of the beauty inherent to the materials we use, and production efficiency. All of these aims are ultimately used to bolster the robustness and timelessness of our furnishings. We look forward to partnering with you to bring your ideas to fruition in a stylistic and efficient manner. 

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